Whether it’s an indoor, outdoor pool or poolhouse, it will make a fabulous addition to your home.

Working in association with Lagoon Pools and Hampton Conservatories, we will manage the project and can offer you a superior swimming pool or poolhouse installation along with any required construction works.

Design and Build

When designing swimming pools and poolhouses, we keep all fundamental issues in mind such as the challenges of safety, humidity and ventilation.

Our aesthetic poolhouses are designed to remain utilised all year round and have the benefit of not being effected by the unpredictable British weather.

Contemporary pool design complimented with glass doors facing the gardens.

Outdoor garden pool with pavior surround.

Fine glass pool building in harmony with a traditional home.

A contemporary pool with sauna and relaxation areas.

Outdoor pool with dark mosaic finish and natural stone surround.

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We can be as creative as you like, whilst ensuring the final design both respects and enhances the design of your property.

A fabulous addition toyour home

Underwater lighting

State-of-the-art underwater lighting provides unique effects thereby enhancing the charisma of the pool for daytime or evening use.

Pool Accessories

This includes solar pool covers, diving boards and fibre-optic lighting to enhance the ambience of your pool.

Pool Refurbishment

Whatever condition your existing pool is in – we can refurbish it, so it’s returned to its original, pristine condition.

The refurbishment may include the cleaning or re-mosaicking of the pool wall surfaces, repairing murals and the replacement of coping stones in the pool surrounds.