We can supply a huge range of both solid and engineered wood flooring with some designed for use with underfloor heating. Carpets and bespoke rugs are sourced from major suppliers.

We also have natural limestone from Lincolnshire, marble from Italy and a huge array of floor tiling, including ranges from Fired Earth. Stone and ceramic floors are a perfect partner to underfloor heating.

Lincolnshire limestone floor.

Fired Earth flooring available in a broad spectrum of colours and styles.

Ebony & Co natural wood flooring, a leader in its field with many choice of wood and designs.

MGM marble sourced from Italy for the most discerning of clients.

Atkinson & Kirby concept white Russian oak flooring.

Marble flooring giving a finishing touch to this contemporary bathroom.

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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a popular choice for many of our clients. Warm friendly floors combine space saving invisibility and low running costs. This type of heating brings a new level of comfort – the best that modern technology can devise.

Unlike panel radiators, underfloor heating emits more heat by radiation than by convection. Since the floor radiates heat over its entire surface, there are no hot or cold areas - instead a constantly comfortable indoor climate is produced throughout.

Individual room or zone control is an option that we can easily achieve.

Constant and comfortable indoor climate